Safestyle’s Running Man raises money for charity

One of our senior managers at Safestyle had to put illness and injury to one side in his bid to complete a 10k race to raise money for charity. Les Jones tackled the daunting prospect of running at the Wetherby Racecourse having been ill and also injuring an ankle prior to the race. With guts and determination, though, he persevered and still managed to complete the race, raising £800+ for an Ethiopian village he plans to visit next month.

Here’s his story:

“My 10k run was held at Wetherby Racecourse on Sunday 11th September at 2pm. I entered it purely in an effort to raise money for the village in Ethiopia I will be visiting in November when I will be delivering medical supplies, food provisions and also building a hut/building to treat any sick villagers.

“The days leading up to the run were not ideal with me falling ill from the Friday and this carried through to the Sunday, I was also carrying an ankle injury. My body was depleted of all energy reserves even before I started the race, however not running it wasn’t an option.

“The difficulties which lay ahead of me became apparent after hitting the 1km marker, my whole body began to ache and each stride took such a huge effort. My ankle was holding up yet my energy reserves were well and truly running on empty. The 5km marker was in one way a relief to reach yet in another way psychologically demoralising, the knowledge that I was only half way was difficult to block out. For the final 3km I managed to ‘buddy’ up with another runner who really helped to urge me on. Every bit of pain I felt on the day and for the days following was worth it thanks to the generosity of those who sponsored me and knowing the massive impact the money will have for the village in Ethiopia.”

To raise more money Les then did two car boot sales, adding £630 to his total. Anyone wishing to donate money for this extremely worthy cause can contact Safestyle’s marketing team on 01274 842000.

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