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Visualise your home with Safestyle doors

The new Safestyle Door VisualiserPushing the envelope of technology and innovation, today sees the launch of the brand new state of the art Door Visualiser, on the Safestyle website. This fantastic new application allows you to interactively fit any one of our Safestyle residential doors, or GuardDoor composite doors, to a photo of your own home (or to sample photos provided). The sophisticated movement, sizing and lighting tools allow you to get the perfect fit at any angle, size, and lighting conditions.

Visualise the perfect door for your homeNot only can you fit any standard residential or composite door from the Safestyle range, you can choose the colour and profile that best matches your home. If you’re not sure, you’re just a click away from changing to another colour in an instant without having to fit it again. You can try a front or back door in the traditional white profile or the realistic wood effects of oak or rosewood, or if you’d like to try composite door, choose red, green, blue, black, white, oak or rosewood.

If you’d like to keep a copy of the house with your brand new door design, you can print or save the image. Or if you find yourself torn between two or several different designs and would like an opinion from friends and family, this is a really handy feature to use.

While the Door Visualiser contains the huge range of Safestyle doors and composite doors, there are still so many design features that haven’t yet been incorporated into the Visualiser – such as lead designs, coloured glass, bevels, handles, knockers, etc – so you can expect plenty of future upgrades to enable you to see just how good your home would look with the perfect designs to suit you, right down to the finest detail.

Find the perfect door for your home today!

Safestyle new and improved composite door range

The Safestyle GuardDoor composite door rangeWe kicked off 2009 with the launch of the Safestyle GuardDoor, our new range of composite doors, and now as we go into the winter season we have new and improved designs and security features to upgrade the Safestyle composite door package. The original range was launched with quite an extensive gamut of lead designs, colours and glass types, but true to Safestyle nature we don’t stand still and have added some fantastic new designs, including bevels and thermally fused tiles not previously available in the range.

The newly improved composite door range from Safestyle

Security, as ever, is one of the most important requirements of any door, so the new Safestyle composite doors have further upgraded security features, including new “Secured by Design” rated handles to give the doors further robustness. If you remember, the Safestyle GuardDoor launched with the highest available British Standards for security and durability in domestic doors, the PAS 23 and PAS 24, and now with these latest new security upgrades, our composite doors are even more secure for our customers’ peace of mind.

Amongst the expanded glass design ranges are stunning new bevels and fusion tiles. These thermally fused tiles are small works of art in themselves, made from coloured glass pieces which are fused together under very high temperatures, giving a startling effect to the finished product, and with various colours available.

New arched head formation example glass designsVariety of colours is one of the most attractive aspects of the entire Safestyle composite door range, with all GuardDoors available in red, green, blue, black, white, and the realistic wood effects of Oak and Rosewood. The frets for glass designs can also come in the same colour as the door or white.

Finally, one of the most impressive new additions is the arched head formation, which allows you to create an array of designs around your door, including a sweeping arched glass design overhead and glass panels down the sides. This gives a stunning appearance to the entrance of the home, allowing your front door to give quite an impression!

Safestyle double glazing helping improve your security and safety

Security and safety review with Safestyle UKIf you’re concerned about you and your family’s security and safety then now’s a good time to have a review, and we’re not talking about learning karate! Today we’re looking at the various areas in your home which could be improved or upgraded, and how Safestyle can help.

With standard double glazed windows which are externally-beaded, burglars can remove the beading and sealed units to gain entry into your home. Safestyle Diamond Windows are internally beaded as standard to prevent this, as well as having the latest multi-point smooth-action security locking system for a much more robust defense against burglary. An important safety feature also available is the fire safety hinge, which allows a window to double as a fire escape exit.

The security level of doors is dependant on several factors, one of which is “key differs” – the number if different key shapes for your lock. Obviously the greater the number of different keys, the greater the security factor, as the less likely someone will have a key that will open your lock. Safestyle residential doors are fitted with 6-pin key locking cylinders for improved security and are of the highest grade achievable for durability, key-related security and maximum number of key differs. Safestyle doors are also fitted with security hinges which can not be removed, critical for the security of outward-opening doors in particular. For an interactive demonstration, see our Safestyle door viewer.

Composite doors
If you want an even greater security upgrade, as well as further improved durability, then the Safestyle composite door – the GuardDoor – is ideal for you, with its British Standards Kite Mark ratings BS PAS 23 and BS PAS 24 being the highest achievable for domestic door security and durability. What’s more, you can choose from a greater range of colours as well as the standard White and the realistic wood effects of Rosewood and Oak, you can choose to have your door in either Red, Blue, Green, or Black.

For the best security and safety improvements for your home, check out the Safestyle website now for the latest double glazing offers to help you save money!

Customers review Safestyle double glazing

Safestyle double glazing customer reviews onlineWith its ease of use and minimal effort required, the internet is fast becoming the first port of call when customers want to express their views on products and service. Companies like Amazon have long provided facilities for customers to do just that, with most of their products being rated and commented on.

Likewise, customers who have reviewed Safestyle windows and doors have long had similar opportunities to comment and rate our products and service. On the double glazing reviews website, many customers have been reviewing and rating Safestyle according to several criteria, including home visit, product value and quality, customer service and overall experience. Star ratings allow you to see exactly the level of satisfaction for each aspect.

The number of customers coming online to write reviews is increasing and we’ve seen a rise in the number of customer reviews as a result. Online customer comments on double glazing provide a valuable resource as more people use the internet to research product information, wanting to find out more to make informed decisions.

Double glazing reviews from Safestyle customers onlineEven a brief look at the latest double glazing reviews shows you that customers are constantly providing their feedback. For example, Mr Richardson provided a customer review from Runcorn, and said, “We’re already feeling the benefits of the new windows, and I’ve even turned the heating down, despite the snow.”

Another review came from Mr Lavaro in Cheshunt, who was so pleased with Safestyle’s workmanship and quality of the windows that he recommended Safestyle to his sister, who then had her windows replaced too. This is indicative of the whole trend that customers are interested and listen to other customers who recommend products and services.

One of the many additional benefits of the increase in online customer activity is that companies are providing more information on their websites, allowing customers to become informed more easily and providing the facility for free quotations. Many companies are also providing extensive Frequently Asked Questions sections to help answer customer queries.

The internet is making it easier for people not only to learn more, but to make contact more easily, and more quickly, than ever before.

Safestyle Window Man says Blog-off to double glazing

The Safestyle Window Man launches his new blog websiteOne of Safestyle’s most recognisable faces, and possibly the loudest man on TV, has got his own “Blog-off!” website going, with lots of interesting photos and insightful writing that will interest fans and the curious alike.

Love him or loathe him, Jeff Brown aka the Safestyle Window Man, has built a unique reputation and brand of his very own, since he first began broadcasting at full volume over 10 years ago, in his now-iconic “Buy One Get One Free” TV ad.

The BOGOF offer itself, originally invented by Safestyle, was taken to a new level with this ad, and such has been the impact that “BOGOF” has since gone on to become a household word, universally embraced by supermarkets and retail outlets throughout the UK. Shades of the Window Man’s high-impact performances can even be seen to have influenced newer brands that have since taken off, such as Cillit Bang.

The new blog at people only know the Window Man as the guy shouting about double glazing on TV, but his new blog site contains an insightful biography of the Window Man, showing there’s more to him than you might think, with the various projects and events that this warm and colourful character is involved in outside the world of Safestyle.

There are also tips on energy saving in the home, spreading the cost of home improvements, as well as various product sections like double glazing windows, doors and composite doors.

Check out the gallery page on the new blogOne of the most interesting sections is his Adography, which showcases Jeff’s 10-year meteoric rise with the key moments in his Safestyle TV advertising career. Finally, there’s a photo gallery collecting some rare and never-before-seen photos of this amazing Safestyle character. We’re also promised some new video footage soon!

Take a look at “BLOG-OFF! The Safestyle Window Man Blog” at

Keep out the cold weather with Safestyle windows!

Beat the winter cold and snow with Safestyle double glazingWith the continuing cold spell has come a flurry of wintery weather in the form of a blanket of snow! Some areas of the UK have been quite heavily hit. As the forecasts predict a continuation of this freezing weather, and the snow, you’d better wrap up warm when you’re out and about! And if you’re driving, well, be very careful or avoid it altogether if it’s not vital!

When it comes to beating the weather, the snow, wind and rain, you need to make sure your home is insulated and equipped with energy saving windows and doors. This is because much of your home’s heat escapes through the glass, so unless you want to end up with huge energy bills, now’s the time to take action and get your house more energy efficient!

Safestyle energy saving solutions tackle the problem of heat loss with the latest double glazing technology in energy efficient glass and materials. Our Diamond Window is equipped with Pilkington energiKare™ glass, which allows more solar energy into your home, but prevents more heat from escaping. It is also filled with Argon gas for greater energy efficiency, to ensure that your home’s heat loss is minimized.

In fact, you can save 90% heat loss through your windows and this has earned the acclaim of the Energy Saving Trust, which means that the Safestyle Diamond energiKare™ Window is certified “Energy Saving Recommended” – you can see the blue Energy Saving Recommended logo on our site.

For the best in energy saving doors, check out our Safestyle GuardDoor composite door, which has a high-density insulating core that’s almost as energy efficient as cavity insulation. This is further improved and reinforced with a high-strength laminated timber sub-frame, and an outer skin of hi-tech synthetic materials. This all makes for door that’s built to last, Kite-marked to British Standards PAS-23 and 24, which the very highest ratings for domestic door durability and security!

So if you want to beat the weather and keep your home warm and cosy, now’s the time to act on it, especially with our latest fantastic BOGOF offer. And we can give you a quote today!

Safestyle UK launch new composite door range

Safestyle launches new GuardDoor composite door rangeSafestyle are making a grand entrance to 2009! Our continuous endeavours to improve the technology and materials of our double glazing windows and doors have resulted in the latest range of brand new composite doors, the Safestyle GuardDoor!

The new composite door is the culmination of many developments in differing technologies and processes, but at the heart of its robust construction is a laminated timber sub-frame, stronger than single-piece timber, and a high-density energy-saving insulating core, that is almost as good as cavity wall insulation. This is skinned with high-impact, dyed-through Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels, incorporating patented ColourFusion™ technology, which ensures that the through-coloured surface is highly resistant to damage, wear and the elements. The edges of the door are stylishly protected by the EdgeGuard™ system.

Composite doors from Safestyle UK - the new GuardDoorAnother interesting GuardDoor technology is FlushGlaze™, which is a unique glazing system without unsightly gaskets or vulnerable beading. This improves the appearance of your composite door as well as the important security aspect!

Tested and certified to British Standards PAS 23-1 and PAS 24-1, our GuardDoor has achieved the very highest security, performance and durability ratings possible for domestic doors. This makes for a virtually unparalleled door system which is not only incredibly durable and long-lasting, but with its strength and locking systems, it is an ideal product for the security conscious. All while retaining a beautiful appearance with a look of classic elegance and nobility.

The range itself consists of 12 doors, and all are available in 7 different colours: red, greed, blue, black, white and the wood effects of Oak and Rosewood, which are highly realistic. Eight of the doors – the Amersham, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Oxford, Stratford and Windsor – all have glazing options, while the remaining four – the Aylesbury, Richmond, Warwick and Worcester – are fully solid doors without glass. Glazing options for the GuardDoor are quite wide and varied, with some doors having over 20 designs specifically created for them, ranging from textured obscure glass to coloured glass, bevels, fret and lead designs.

The improved energy saving aspects of the GuardDoor, with its highly thermally-efficient insulation core, make for an excellent package when coupled with Safestyle’s ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ Diamond Window, which saves 90% heat loss and helps reduce household energy bills. Imagine all the energy and money that could be saved, not to mention the reduced impact on the environment, if all the nation had Safestyle double glazing technology in their homes!