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Safestyle UK: Energy Saving for 2013

Safestyle UK: Energy Saving for 2013Well following up from a record breaking year such as 2012 was never going to be an easy task, but we’re one month into 2013 now, so how does this year look set to go? Well if this month is anything to go by, extremely well, records are being broken already!

The weather of course always gets people thinking about getting new windows and doors, especially with such strong cold winds which will leave your old ones rattling off the hinges, and we’re having our fair share of this so far this year. But, what continues to be the biggest thing that put replacement windows and doors at the top of our customers priorities lists is energy prices. As energy prices continue to rise more and more people are focusing on the action they can take to reduce the bill costs.

Energy prices was a very hot topic last year too but this year sets to bring a greater public awareness of the advantages of energy efficient home improvements, especially with the Green Deal aiming to gain press around energy efficiency in homes. Safestyle too are continuing to spread the word (and so are our customers!) on the fantastic improvements and savings that can be made with switching to our energy efficient A-Rated Eco Diamond windows.

So, if you want to be one of the thousands of homes we fit every week with energy efficient replacement windows and want to see a drop in those energy bills, then make sure you visit our website for a free quote.

How energy inefficiency impacts the environment

Energy inefficiency and the environmentIf you thought energy efficiency just affects your own home and the amount you are paying for your bills, you would be wrong. How we use and, most importantly, misuse energy is a growing global concern that affects everyone.

So how does using more energy than I need impact others?

If you have never heard of climate change and global warming then maybe you’ve been living under a rock for many years now, but this area, though once open to debate, has converged towards a general consensus between scientists that carbon emissions generated by humans is having a significant effect on our environment.

Carbon emissions are unfortunately a negative consequence for many of the types of ways we generate energy, specifically the burning of fossil fuels. The stage we have reached now is that we’re contributing excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. How this relates to efficiency of energy is that if we are not using only the energy we need, we are inevitably contributing to more carbon emissions than is absolutely necessary, and making the problem much worse.

There is a second problem too with excessive use of energy. If we are using more energy than we need we are pushing up the demand for the resource and so putting increased strain on existing energy infrastructure. Extrapolating this out into the future has spelt out big problems for energy shortages in the UK and, whilst we should be looking to drop non-green energy sources in favour of green energy, the shortage pressures are meaning we have to take on energy sources wherever we can. For example, the government have been looking at building new nuclear power stations.

So how can I help?

There are lots of ways you can help, the biggest thing you can do is to start looking at your own home and see where you could improve energy efficiency. This is of course win-win situation as not only will you be helping save the planet you will also be saving some serious cash when your energy bills come in every month!

Here at Safestyle UK we recommend energy efficient windows and doors such as our Eco Diamond range. They’re backed by the Energy Saving Trust’s big seal of approval and by installing energy efficient double glazing you could save as much as £460+ per year on your bills.


Where does our Energy go and Energy Saving Tips

Energy Efficiency is something that has shot up the list of people’s priorities in the last few years and it’s still climbing higher. Why is this, do we think?

Well perhaps the biggest reason we hear from our customers is the fact that energy prices are going through the roof. With tough times magnifying this affect, naturally our customers start to reassess exactly how they are using energy and start wondering where all their pennies are going. This is a very sensible idea and it should be something households around the UK are keen to get to the bottom of.

So we hear you asking is energy wastage such a big deal? Are we talking a couple of pounds a year wasted leaving the landing light on?

Our answer to that is yes! Energy wastage is a big deal and there is a lot more money going to waste than a few pounds. In fact an average household could be losing hundreds of pounds a year through inefficiencies in the home which is a lot of money. Now who wouldn’t want to pull back on some of that extra spend every single year?

One of the biggest problems with energy loss is that it largely goes unseen. We can see lights left on or the TV left on standby, but can we see heat leaving our homes through our windows and doors, or through our roof? These problems are much harder to identify and, as they say, “Out of sight out of mind”. For tips on identifying energy waste see our using technology to find energy-savings blog post.

Where is all this energy going?

Energy is lost across a many areas in the home, but there are a few significant losses that can easily be remedied. The first thing to look at is where your energy is used in the home, the biggest proportion being heating accounting for a whopping 60% of all your energy costs. This poses a particular problem for homes in the UK as we have notoriously poorly insulated homes. What happens of course with poor insulation is that the energy we have paid for in heating our homes leaves straight through our windows, doors, roofs and walls. These are not the only energy wastage areas to be concerned about but they are usually the biggest culprits to look to remedy.

Take a look at your windows in your home. You could potentially save over £461 every year by fitting some energy efficient windows such as our Eco Diamond Windows range as recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Not only are a new set of windows a fantastic addition to your home but they could potentially have paid for themselves in 10 years’ time.

If you would like to start smaller (and every little bit helps!) then you could look to upgrade the light bulbs around your home to Energy Saving Light bulbs. It would be a very small investment that should pay itself back within a year!

For more tips on Energy Saving tips and advice visit the Energy Saving Trust website!


Turning the lights off doesn’t just save energy, it also saves lives

Turning the lights off doesn’t just save energy, it also saves livesWe are always trying to turn off the lights. It helps bulbs last longer and also saves energy. But researchers in the US have developed a car headlight that switches itself off and on, by the millisecond.

This move wasn’t to save energy, even though switching off your headlights reduces drag from your car’s dynamo and therefore saves petrol or diesel (bet you didn’t know that!). The researchers were trying to tackle a problem which has plagued us in the UK during this very wet year. The problem is that of headlight glare.

Anyone caught driving through one of our recent torrential downpours will be well aware of the difficulties caused by oncoming headlight glare. You lose sight of the lanes and it prevents to from concentrating and anticipating things ahead. It also makes your eyes heavily fatigued.

This new system effectively has your headlights dodging the raindrops by playing around with the beams and switching them off very briefly so they don’t hit the rain drop and refract into oncoming traffic.

It sounds like complete and utter nonsense but this is how sophisticated our technology is becoming.

Even your everyday double glazing technology is getting very smart indeed. Especially if you’re clever enough to ask for Safestyle’s Eco Diamond windows which are brilliant at disrupting heat rays so that they stay in the room rather than working their way outside. The Energy Saving Trust was so impressed by the performance of our windows that it chose to recommend them. Not bad eh?!

Consider the fact that all of our premium windows are BOGOF (buy one get one free) and you can see that Safestyle is clearly the smarter choice. Ask for a free online double glazing quote here and see for yourself.

Safestyle Windows talk about the benefits of bear proof windows

When it comes to our double glazing we all like the peace of mind that comes with security locks and toughened safety glass. Just watch an old spooky film and the windows are forever smashing as soon as the wind gets up.

At Safestyle we’ve always got safety in mind, that’s why we’re called “Safe-Style”. Essentially it’s all about keeping the outside where it belongs… outside. Windows have always been good at keeping out the rain. Stronger windows and weather-proof seals also meant we could keep out the wind. Then came the problem of the cold which was addressed by double glazing. Then we replaced the air between the double glazing panes with Argon gas, which keeps the cold out even better. Then our Pilkington K Glass™ incorporated a special layer that bounces the heat back inside to prevent it escaping outside.

But spare a thought for our Canadian cousins. A typical cabin in the woods is not only double glazed (wow it gets nippy out that way in winter!), but Canadian cabin windows have to keep another intruder out… bears!

A typical pane of glass in a log cabin residence is around 18cm thick otherwise a determined bear can (and probably will) claw its way through to get at your yummy smelling din dins.

Luckily for us in the UK we haven’t had the problem of bears for a few hundred years now although, at Safestyle UK, we are eager to help. So, if you’ve any special requests (no matter how unusual), fill in the form for a FREE quote and we’ll call you right back.

Get a FREE quote today for Safestyle Eco Diamond windows.

What is the difference between French doors and patio doors?

Safestyle double glazed Patio doors For those of us who either can’t afford or don’t have room for a conservatory, a fine set of big glass doors into our gardens is the best way to let lots of light in giving you that outdoors/indoors feel.

You should always choose double glazed doors, simply because such a large picture window on a door will require some very impressive thermal insulating properties if it is to keep your heating bills at a comfortable level. Toughened glass and security frame and locking options also give you added peace of mind.

Now that you’ve covered off the basics the time has come to think about style. French doors are hinged and can open either outwards or inwards. They have a wonderful traditional feel as well as giving you the option of either just opening one door, or opening both depending on your mood.

Patio doors are sliding doors which can give you a much larger picture window-feel and come with the added benefit of being space saving (there’s no arc space required when opening them).

Safestyle double glazed French doors

Typically, as a rule, larger rooms with larger gardens tend to have French doors although this can also be because larger houses are often older and therefore suit a more traditional design. However, many small cottages, terrace or townhouse properties also lend themselves beautifully to French doors even though they may open out into a very small patio area – the good thing is that all modern double glazed doors, that are manufactured by a trustworthy window company, can be made to any size required.

Patio doors are a more recent development as a result of sliding doors technology. They are excellent for smaller properties with smaller gardens or yards because they provide a huge window space as well as ensuring the doors take up no additional room. Patio doors are often chosen by people who own flats with a false balcony. Sliding doors are also very popular with people who want the biggest possible outside view and they brighten up any room to its maximum potential.

Discover Safestyle’s exciting range of French doors and patio doors and don’t forget to get a free quote today.


Justin Bieber tests the strength of modern toughened glass

Love him or hate him, you certainly can’t deny that Justin Bieber is anything but enthusiastic. As he bounces from country to country, city to city and concert to concert his energy never seems to diminish. However, at a recent gig in Paris, he bounced just a little too hard, knocking himself out as he pranced into a huge glass wall.

Bieber fans worldwide can rest easy knowing that all he suffered was a mild concussion. Lucky for him he found himself part of modern pop culture, had he tried to head butt a glass wall back in the sixties he might have shattered it, adding cuts to his bruises.

Modern double glazing is designed to take the knocks, especially Safestyle’s French doors and patio doors which deliver unrivalled strength to not only keep out the elements but also heavy objects (like Justin Bieber’s head!).

Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard with all of our double glazing doors, including patio doors and French doors, so you have peace of mind and that’s why we’re called Safestyle… because you get safety and style all in one exceptional quality installation.

Visit Safestyle UK for more information and great offers on our Patio and French Doors.

Wet Britain gets hosepipe ban lifted?

The UK never seems to fail to underestimate the true extent of the British weather. Just a few weeks ago there was a rigid hosepipe ban in place for parts of the country as we suffered with droughts, and stark warnings were sent out that the ban would not be lifted for some time as we would need too much rain, much more than we could (hope to?) expect. But the British weather has prevailed, lashing the country with monsoon type weather this June.

Yes the last two weeks have been a very wet start to the summer, delivering flash floods in areas. Ironically there have been hosepipe bans in areas whilst locals are knee deep in water.

So what does the summer look like? Well, with any luck there will be a bit of sun heading our way, surely there can’t be any more rain to come.

We have always had a very varied climate in the UK, but it seems to be getting more and more unpredictable! Of course this could lead into the whole discussion of climate change and what we can do as individuals (as well as a nation) to combat any impact we are having. There are lots of thoughts and opinions on this topic.

So while there is always lots of debate around what can be done to future proof against climate change, one thing is for certain. We must look to use less and use more effectively. This means we must be much more efficient in how we use energy. If we can reign in our energy usage it means we can also reduce our carbon footprint too, reducing how much we contribute to the greenhouse emissions.

Your home is an excellent place to start by making sure you target unnecessary waste by investing in roof and wall insulation, and by replacing windows and doors with energy efficient double glazing.

Visit Safestyle UK for more information.

Passivehaus: the future of low energy cost homes

One thing the rising energy prices and tight financial squeeze has done is focus the attention on energy efficient practices, in particular in energy proofing our homes. We have seen this rise as a customer’s priority here at Safestyle.

A trend is now forming for super energy efficient homes, but importantly ones which are affordable. Although we would all ideally love to do our part for the environment, sometimes there is a trade off point in terms of the costs involved to achieve this. So the cost of these new super energy efficient homes must therefore strike up a balance with the savings they can make over the years, and if not fully compensating for their higher investment needed the gap obviously needs to be as small as possible to create an appetite for these developments.

So what are these dream homes which will bring our home energy bills tumbling back down to Earth from the dizzying heights they have propelled to (and still going)?

Well these homes come under the name Passive House, or ‘Passivhaus’ in German, where the concept originally was derived from. A Passivehaus is one which adheres to ultra-low energy consumption and a massively reduced carbon footprint. It is a concept which has been going on since the 90s but again seems to have caught trend with a strong hook on the current issues people are facing.

The homes can reduce home energy bills to as little as 10% of a comparable home. To clarify that’s a potential 90% savings on energy bills year on year.

In the UK historically the numbers of PassiveHaus developments has been very small but there is a rise in numbers and there are several projects set for the future which will bring much needed attention to these types of developments.

So how are these homes so efficient?

These homes don’t do anything by halves which is why the costs for the buildings are increased. First of all they are wrapped in a super efficient exterior. They use what is called super insulation which is dramatically greater than that found in normal homes. Extremely energy efficient windows and doors are used for the property. Air tightness is of course at the forefront of reducing heat loss.

With such small amounts of heating escaping the property they don’t need much energy pumped into the property to maintain a temperature, so can be heated with very small heating appliances. The heat generated by humans and cooking appliances is often enough. Many Passive Houses also use solar energy on their roofs which would again offset the cost of energy needed.

The prices of these homes are still not in line with what the general market can offer but they are drawing closer and closer. In the near future perhaps they will be highly competitive in particular with the rate of return they provide on energy savings.

World Environment Day: greener homes = greener economy

Today is the 5th of June which is World Environment Day, and this year’s topic is particularly close to home for many. This year’s World Environment Day looks at Green Economy.

It is often tough times such as the ones the world are facing in light of the financial crisis that bring us back to core problems such as green issues. When times are good efforts are often concentrated on growth regardless of anything else. When that growth is no longer possible it is only natural to scale back and look at the wastefulness in processes, inefficiencies or sustainability. These are all key components to the Green Economy ethos, we must look to build an economy that is more sustainable and cut back our inefficiency and wastefulness. Of course the added benefit for the economy is these savings can be put back into the economy to stimulate the growth the world is striving towards.

This message rings very true for many of our customers at Safestyle. In times where home finances are being squeezed more than ever, our customers are looking to where savings can be pulled back. Rising energy prices of course is a big motivation for customers to look at their wasted energy and drives them towards improving their home energy efficiency. Here is where we point them to our Eco Diamond range windows: A-rated and certified Energy Saving Trust Recommended!

For every £3 spent on home energy £1 is lost through inefficient windows, so real savings can be made for homeowners by replacing their windows with energy efficient ones. Also because less energy is used to heat the home to the same temperature, this will reduce a home’s carbon footprint and will be helping the UK reach its carbon emission reduction targets in 2020.

So on this World Environment Day, look to make changes starting in the home by making sure your home is as green as possible.

For more information on energy efficient windows visit Safestyle Windows.