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Safestyle UK: Energy Saving for 2013

Safestyle UK: Energy Saving for 2013Well following up from a record breaking year such as 2012 was never going to be an easy task, but we’re one month into 2013 now, so how does this year look set to go? Well if this month is anything to go by, extremely well, records are being broken already!

The weather of course always gets people thinking about getting new windows and doors, especially with such strong cold winds which will leave your old ones rattling off the hinges, and we’re having our fair share of this so far this year. But, what continues to be the biggest thing that put replacement windows and doors at the top of our customers priorities lists is energy prices. As energy prices continue to rise more and more people are focusing on the action they can take to reduce the bill costs.

Energy prices was a very hot topic last year too but this year sets to bring a greater public awareness of the advantages of energy efficient home improvements, especially with the Green Deal aiming to gain press around energy efficiency in homes. Safestyle too are continuing to spread the word (and so are our customers!) on the fantastic improvements and savings that can be made with switching to our energy efficient A-Rated Eco Diamond windows.

So, if you want to be one of the thousands of homes we fit every week with energy efficient replacement windows and want to see a drop in those energy bills, then make sure you visit our website for a free quote.

How energy inefficiency impacts the environment

Energy inefficiency and the environmentIf you thought energy efficiency just affects your own home and the amount you are paying for your bills, you would be wrong. How we use and, most importantly, misuse energy is a growing global concern that affects everyone.

So how does using more energy than I need impact others?

If you have never heard of climate change and global warming then maybe you’ve been living under a rock for many years now, but this area, though once open to debate, has converged towards a general consensus between scientists that carbon emissions generated by humans is having a significant effect on our environment.

Carbon emissions are unfortunately a negative consequence for many of the types of ways we generate energy, specifically the burning of fossil fuels. The stage we have reached now is that we’re contributing excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. How this relates to efficiency of energy is that if we are not using only the energy we need, we are inevitably contributing to more carbon emissions than is absolutely necessary, and making the problem much worse.

There is a second problem too with excessive use of energy. If we are using more energy than we need we are pushing up the demand for the resource and so putting increased strain on existing energy infrastructure. Extrapolating this out into the future has spelt out big problems for energy shortages in the UK and, whilst we should be looking to drop non-green energy sources in favour of green energy, the shortage pressures are meaning we have to take on energy sources wherever we can. For example, the government have been looking at building new nuclear power stations.

So how can I help?

There are lots of ways you can help, the biggest thing you can do is to start looking at your own home and see where you could improve energy efficiency. This is of course win-win situation as not only will you be helping save the planet you will also be saving some serious cash when your energy bills come in every month!

Here at Safestyle UK we recommend energy efficient windows and doors such as our Eco Diamond range. They’re backed by the Energy Saving Trust’s big seal of approval and by installing energy efficient double glazing you could save as much as £460+ per year on your bills.


Where does our Energy go and Energy Saving Tips

Energy Efficiency is something that has shot up the list of people’s priorities in the last few years and it’s still climbing higher. Why is this, do we think?

Well perhaps the biggest reason we hear from our customers is the fact that energy prices are going through the roof. With tough times magnifying this affect, naturally our customers start to reassess exactly how they are using energy and start wondering where all their pennies are going. This is a very sensible idea and it should be something households around the UK are keen to get to the bottom of.

So we hear you asking is energy wastage such a big deal? Are we talking a couple of pounds a year wasted leaving the landing light on?

Our answer to that is yes! Energy wastage is a big deal and there is a lot more money going to waste than a few pounds. In fact an average household could be losing hundreds of pounds a year through inefficiencies in the home which is a lot of money. Now who wouldn’t want to pull back on some of that extra spend every single year?

One of the biggest problems with energy loss is that it largely goes unseen. We can see lights left on or the TV left on standby, but can we see heat leaving our homes through our windows and doors, or through our roof? These problems are much harder to identify and, as they say, “Out of sight out of mind”. For tips on identifying energy waste see our using technology to find energy-savings blog post.

Where is all this energy going?

Energy is lost across a many areas in the home, but there are a few significant losses that can easily be remedied. The first thing to look at is where your energy is used in the home, the biggest proportion being heating accounting for a whopping 60% of all your energy costs. This poses a particular problem for homes in the UK as we have notoriously poorly insulated homes. What happens of course with poor insulation is that the energy we have paid for in heating our homes leaves straight through our windows, doors, roofs and walls. These are not the only energy wastage areas to be concerned about but they are usually the biggest culprits to look to remedy.

Take a look at your windows in your home. You could potentially save over £461 every year by fitting some energy efficient windows such as our Eco Diamond Windows range as recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Not only are a new set of windows a fantastic addition to your home but they could potentially have paid for themselves in 10 years’ time.

If you would like to start smaller (and every little bit helps!) then you could look to upgrade the light bulbs around your home to Energy Saving Light bulbs. It would be a very small investment that should pay itself back within a year!

For more tips on Energy Saving tips and advice visit the Energy Saving Trust website!


Safestyle ads get a new look

You may have already seen the new Safestyle Window Man remake TV ad, we’ve also been busy with lots more. We’ve been working hard all year getting to know our customers even better, connecting with them on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and asking our customers what they like about us and what they don’t like. It has been great to hear all the points of view, interact with them and learn from all the varied opinions, which we continue to benefit from and develop our approach to provide a better service. Feedback is essential to us in continuing to be a company our customers trust and recommend.

Now we’ve come up with a new set of advertisements which encompass all the things our customers love about Safestyle: our prices, energy savings, product security and quality, our top notch workmanship and not to mention how fantastic our windows and doors look too!

But don’t just take our word for it!

We are lucky enough to have a fantastically diverse and loyal customer base who even if they don’t like our older ads, they’re thrilled with our products and are happy to pass on a good word or two to friends and family! So enjoy our new ads and let us know what you think! You might be glad to know there’s not a Window Man in sight, you know the one…

Using technology to find energy savings

Innovative tools you can use to make sure energy is not going to waste

Saving energy is not always the easiest of tasks, there are so many appliances, uses and potential energy loss areas around your home that it’s difficult to keep track of where all that energy is going. Here we have found some innovative tools you can use to make sure energy is not going to waste.

One big problem is of course that we must make assumptions about the energy we may need to use in particular in heating up our homes. Many of us set off to work for the day and set the heating to come on judging what we think the temperatures will be like 8-10 hours later? Unfortunately with the UK’s unpredictable weather, you can never be certain of how the day will turn out. It could be freezing cold in the morning and glorious sunshine later in the day. You wouldn’t want your heating on full blast if this turns out to be the case, think of all that energy wasted. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could adjust your home heating whilst you’re away from home quickly and easily? Well now you can! Check out this clever concept called Passiv Systems which has got a complete set up for smart phone energy management. The idea being that you can control any part of your home heating from anywhere in the world as well as getting useful information such as room temperatures. How cool is that!

Another troublesome area of energy loss that Safestyle are particularly familiar with is heat escaping your home itself such as through the roof, windows and doors. Here is where a Safestyle advisors favourite tool comes in, a thermal energy gun (infrared thermometer). These clever gadgets work by detecting the infrared emission of an object by which it can calculate the total energy being emitted. These gadgets can take readings from a distance and can quite quickly find areas of heat loss. Naturally if there are significant heat losses from your windows and doors this is something Safestyle can assist with by installing energy efficient double glazing. Check out the Safestyle website for more information.

Smart Energy Monitor by British Gas is a great tool to have installed in your home! It works by tracking how much energy you are using and importantly how much this is costing you right down to the minute. It gives homeowners a great chance to really take control of their energy usage and make sensible decisions about their energy use in real time as their using it and not weeks later when the bill arrives in the post.

If you want to start at a smaller scale and keep track of your home appliances why not grab one of these handy little tools. For as little as £10 you can get an energy monitor that allows you to test any appliance by plugging into it to see how much energy it uses. It’s cheap and bound to reveal some surprise energy guzzlers! A great Sunday afternoon challenge to find which appliance costs you the most money.

Well we hope you have a good idea of some of the tools that are out there to help keep track of energy usage in your home; we will revisit this area if we hear of any other great tools. Don’t forget those little losses here and there start to accumulate quite quickly and all together, every day, every month then can start to put a serious dent in your wallet.

Kindle Touch competition winner!

Safestyle has been slowly but surely building a loyal army of social followers which is a great way for us to stay in touch with our customers and fans!

Not only that but because we love hearing from our followers so much it’s a good excuse for us to run some great competitions with some fab prizes! Recently we ran a prize draw for all our followers to enter to win a Kindle Touch and we were overwhelmed by the interest we had. So many people were kind enough to spread the word too and as such we managed to find lots more people to connect with!

Our lucky winner was chosen at random and is now the proud owner of a shiny new Kindle Touch! Congratulations to Laura from Wirrall! Hand posted by the Window Man!

Kindle Touch hand posted by the Safestyle Window Man!
On the basis of such a success we had with this competition, we’re very keen to get do some more so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you find us on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

But it’s not all about great competitions, we are working hard to bring you the best industry knowledge and make sure you are getting the best possible information to make an informed decision on not only your choice of windows and doors but also in making sure you are well aware of other areas that are very important to us such as energy efficiency. We are very passionate in making sure you’re not wasting any more on energy bills than you have to whilst at the same time trying to shrink your carbon footprint and impact on the environment!

So for top tips on everything from double glazing to saving the planet, make sure Safestyle UK is your first place to look!

Safestyle scrubs up the Window Man and his ad

If you mention Safestyle to someone more likely than not our excellent prices and products would only be the second thing someone would think about. The first thing that someone would inevitably think of is the Window Man and his ads.

Safestyle has been in business for a long time, but for as long as we can remember the Window Man has been shouting about our promotions and annoying the nation. Who would have known a chap in questionable attire pushing over windows would become the most popular advert we have ever ran?! Yes many hate it, but most just simply love to hate it. Let’s not also forget there are a couple of fans out there too, but love it or loathe it, it gets people’s attention and has helped us become undoubtedly the most recognised window and door supplier in the UK.

So recently the Window Man came to us with a crazy idea. He decided to put the challenge out there for anyone who ever complained about the ad to see if they can do better. Whilst we had some great entries entered, there was no question that the original is one of a kind.

So what do you do when you have an original masterpiece?

Well if you’re a Hollywood director you would remake it and get terrible reviews about how the original is much better. As you can imagine in our case we were pretty confident we couldn’t do a worse job than the original so we set out at remaking the ‘Pushover’ ad and here it is, the Window Man complete with cape and those one-liners! “Yer buy one, yer get one free”!

Turning the lights off doesn’t just save energy, it also saves lives

Turning the lights off doesn’t just save energy, it also saves livesWe are always trying to turn off the lights. It helps bulbs last longer and also saves energy. But researchers in the US have developed a car headlight that switches itself off and on, by the millisecond.

This move wasn’t to save energy, even though switching off your headlights reduces drag from your car’s dynamo and therefore saves petrol or diesel (bet you didn’t know that!). The researchers were trying to tackle a problem which has plagued us in the UK during this very wet year. The problem is that of headlight glare.

Anyone caught driving through one of our recent torrential downpours will be well aware of the difficulties caused by oncoming headlight glare. You lose sight of the lanes and it prevents to from concentrating and anticipating things ahead. It also makes your eyes heavily fatigued.

This new system effectively has your headlights dodging the raindrops by playing around with the beams and switching them off very briefly so they don’t hit the rain drop and refract into oncoming traffic.

It sounds like complete and utter nonsense but this is how sophisticated our technology is becoming.

Even your everyday double glazing technology is getting very smart indeed. Especially if you’re clever enough to ask for Safestyle’s Eco Diamond windows which are brilliant at disrupting heat rays so that they stay in the room rather than working their way outside. The Energy Saving Trust was so impressed by the performance of our windows that it chose to recommend them. Not bad eh?!

Consider the fact that all of our premium windows are BOGOF (buy one get one free) and you can see that Safestyle is clearly the smarter choice. Ask for a free online double glazing quote here and see for yourself.

Double Glazing win for one lucky competition entrant

Safestyle Eco Diamond Windows not only look good, but help save energy and money The Safestyle team would like to say a great big congratulations to the winner of our latest competition, Sandeep Guntupalli. The competition was run to celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June and Sandeep correctly answered the following question:

Safestyle’s amazing technology ensures maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss – saving you more than enough energy to make how many extra cups of tea a year?

The answer was 34,000 cups which could be found on our Safestyle Eco Diamond Windows page and by correctly answering the question Sandeep won the grand prize and £5000 worth of windows and doors to be fitted to his home.

Sandeep, 24, a stock taker for a stocktaking firm, Orridge, was ecstatic when he found out he had won. He said: “I am thrilled and excited to have won this fantastic prize. The win couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m in the process of renovating my first home with my partner.  We’re having the windows installed next week and I can’t wait until it’s ready for us to move in. I’ve experienced the best service from Safestyle and I’m hugely grateful for the win.”

More than 200 runner-ups missed out on the grand prize but still managed to pick up an energy thermal gun, enabling them to check for any areas of their home where they are losing energy.

To find out more about Safestyle’s super energy efficient windows and how they could save you money on your home energy bills visit the Safestyle website.

Projected wall pictures are the future of home art

At Safestyle Windows we are always looking for new ways to turn double glazing into home entertainment. That’s why our TV commercials are so “in your face”. (By the way, there’s a competition out to create your own Safestyle ad and win a camcorder… have a go here).

But TV ads aside, Disney have created a glass that can project your favourite picture onto the wall. No really, they have and here’s the video to prove it.

Pretty amazing stuff isn’t it. Perhaps this signals the end of the three porcelain ducks on the wall, or Constable’s Hay Wain, or that tennis lady scratching her bum.

The glass works by combining hundreds of tiny curved bits of glass that bend the light like a lens and focus the image on the far wall. It’s a great idea but unfortunately it currently takes three days to make just one which means it will be very expensive.

So don’t hold your breath, image projecting glass won’t be here anytime soon but we always like to let you know what’s occurring in the wacky and weird world of the scientists that work on the glass of the future.

As far as futuristic glass goes you can’t get any more up to date than our Eco Diamond energy efficient windows which trap in the heat so well that they’ve been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Ask for a free online quote today.