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Double glazing windows from Safesyle UK

New laser can eavesdrop through a window

Shhhh. Don’t shut the window, someone may hear. It sounds ridiculous that someone can eavesdrop through a closed window but this James Bond spy gadget is very much real.

Your vocal chords vibrate when you pass air over them and that’s how we make speech noise. Those vibrations pass through the air and make our eardrums vibrate which in turn becomes signal that our brains can understand and, hey presto we have language and a conversation.

But those vibrations also permeate all of the air in a room and, strange as it may seem, they make everything else vibrate ever so slightly. That also includes the windows. It’s not that your windows are loose in any way, especially if you’ve got Safestyle’s Eco Diamond Windows which are absolutely rock solid.

For the conspiracy theorists who are convinced that we are being listened to at every moment of every day, you’re never far from a listening device whether it be a hidden “wire”, a bug under your coffee table or an unscrupulous journalist hacking your mobile phone. The idea of someone sat hidden from view and firing a laser at your lounge window still sounds like it belongs in a Hollywood movie but actually it is probably happening somewhere, to someone, right now.

The reality is, this technology doesn’t even class as space age, here’s a website that shows you how to build your own laser listening device (don’t take that as an invitation to go firing lasers at people’s houses… that’d just be rude!… and probably illegal).

Naturally, for the subversives amongst you, Safestyle will offer an “anti-spy” window as soon as we hear there’s one available. In the meantime you can stop peeping toms from seeing your bits and pieces with our creative range of obscure glass (you probably better know it as privacy glass or “frosted” glass).

Obscure glass is available with all of our Eco Diamond double glazing so keep the beady eyes at bay and ask for a free online quote today.

Safestyle Windows talk about the benefits of bear proof windows

When it comes to our double glazing we all like the peace of mind that comes with security locks and toughened safety glass. Just watch an old spooky film and the windows are forever smashing as soon as the wind gets up.

At Safestyle we’ve always got safety in mind, that’s why we’re called “Safe-Style”. Essentially it’s all about keeping the outside where it belongs… outside. Windows have always been good at keeping out the rain. Stronger windows and weather-proof seals also meant we could keep out the wind. Then came the problem of the cold which was addressed by double glazing. Then we replaced the air between the double glazing panes with Argon gas, which keeps the cold out even better. Then our Pilkington K Glass™ incorporated a special layer that bounces the heat back inside to prevent it escaping outside.

But spare a thought for our Canadian cousins. A typical cabin in the woods is not only double glazed (wow it gets nippy out that way in winter!), but Canadian cabin windows have to keep another intruder out… bears!

A typical pane of glass in a log cabin residence is around 18cm thick otherwise a determined bear can (and probably will) claw its way through to get at your yummy smelling din dins.

Luckily for us in the UK we haven’t had the problem of bears for a few hundred years now although, at Safestyle UK, we are eager to help. So, if you’ve any special requests (no matter how unusual), fill in the form for a FREE quote and we’ll call you right back.

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Glass reflects ghosts as well as heat!

Spooky double glazing reflection caught on camera!

The lady in white, seen through a window is a common paranormal sighting around the world. Often appearing as a grainy or smudged image in a photograph these spooky apparitions make the hairs on our necks tingle. But are they real or are they faked? Opinion is often fiercely divided so we thought we’d investigate the science behind the “ghost in the glass.”

The first explanation seems relatively obvious: someone has tampered with the photo. There are a few ways this can be done. Before digital photography it was possible to “double expose” a photograph in the dark room. By masking off a portion of the photo (perhaps a large corner of the window) you expose your photograph normally and then “add in” a second photo (of a person) afterwards. By under exposing the second image you could create a ghostly (slightly see-through) image of the person in the window. Hey presto, a ghost!

Now that we can take digital photos we really can make the camera lie. “Photoshopping” is a term we often associate with airbrushing pictures of models on magazine covers so they look near perfect. However, you can do a lot more with the Adobe Photoshop software used by designers (available for both Apple Mac and Windows). A skilled graphic designer can easily fake a ghostly figure in a dark and spooky window. If you’re into your graphic design here’s an article that shows you how to make your own ghost.

There is another explanation for a mysterious entity appearing in a window that involves a clever technique created long before photography was invented. It is called Pepper’s Ghost. Thanks to the work of pioneering 16th Century Italian scientist, Giambattista della Porta, a Victorian inventor, John Pepper, created a special effect for theatre productions that made it possible for ghosts to appear on stage during a play, magic or psychic performance. The system involves a hidden room, just off stage, and a carefully angled sheet of glass in which the ghost materialises and then fades away.

Of course, there is a third possible explanation for the ghost in the window… there really was a ghost!

Safestyle Eco Diamond windows may be absolutely magical but the only ethereal stuff they contain is Argon gas… rather than ectoplasm! And while they will reflect heat back into your home to prevent heat loss and help reduce your heating bills, we wouldn’t worry too much about ghosts! So for energy saving windows and doors, who you gonna call?

Would we hear Edvard Munch’s “Scream” through double glazing?

Eco Diamond energy efficient double glazing from SafestyleThe Tate Modern in London has launched an exhibition of Edvard Munch’s paintings. Noted for his most famous painting of a haunted person on a pier screaming, aptly titled, “The Scream” we ask how loud the scream was and whether double glazing is an effective sound proofer.

So, let’s start by understanding how loud a human scream is. It is designed to travel. Depending on where you are, how much other noise there is and which way the wind is blowing some screams can be heard miles away. That’s pretty loud, in fact the loudest ever recorded human scream was by a man and clocked 128 decibels… presumably he’d just seen his winter gas bill! To see it in context it works like this, a pin dropping is around 10db. Normal human conversational speech is 60db. Your hearing can be damaged if you are exposed to sounds of 80db for any length of time. 80db is about the same as an alarm clock (it’s no wonder we can’t wait to turn it off!). A human scream is approximately the same volume as an air raid siren and only 40db quieter than a space rocket launch.

It would appear that impressionist painter Munch rather appropriately captured the experience of a Scream in is famous series of paintings.

Modern, well-fitted, double glazing can cut outside noise by over 35 decibels, which is great news for people living near busy roads or on a flight path. Put the haunting figure from The Scream on the other side of a glazing unit and you reduce the volume from the level of a football stadium to a squeaky toy. Now, there’s a reason to relax.

Double glazing has so many benefits, not just energy efficiency. In today’s hustle and bustle world, having a calm, quiet home environment is important. But if things are stressing you out, remember, if you have double glazing, you can scream to your heart’s content without disturbing the whole street.

Find out more about Safestyle’s energy saving, sound reducing Eco Diamond windows; what they keep in and what they keep out.

With Smart Tennis Rackets at Wimbledon we ask what exactly is Smart Technology?

Some of the players at this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships have begun using Smart Rackets. These new rackets contain an array of electronic sensors that help to improve a player’s technique. Clever stuff, people are even saying that they will replace tennis coaches in the future. But what exactly is Smart Technology and why is it better than the old technology.

“Smart” is the new buzzword. We have smart phones, smart cars, smart TVs and smart homes. Something gains the coveted title of being “smart” when it does more than it was originally designed to do. For example, your smart phone is smart because it is no longer just a telephone. Smart cars, do more than just drive from A to B, they adapt to the driving conditions to save fuel. Smart TVs have taken us from digital high definition TV (how very Noughties!) and onto the world wide web – now you can browse the Internet from your sofa. Smart homes enable lights to dim when you’re not in the room and can adjust the heating as you move around the house.

Smart glass is used in the latest double glazing units. It is smart because it is more than just see-through and doesn’t only keep the wind and rain at bay. Modern glass, such as Pilkington energiKare™ glass, has special coatings that massively improve its heat reflecting properties. In fact, it is so clever that it can actually reflect heat back into the room when it’s chilly outside, and not only that, smart energiKare™ glass has an ultra-clear outer pane that lets in even more light, utilising the natural energy from the sun. Known as “solar gain”, this process means smart glass helps to heat your home for free!

Safestyle’s Eco Diamond windows are some of the smartest windows you can buy today, and incorporate Pilkington’s amazing energiKare™ glass as well as various other smart technologies. Get a free quote here.

If you don’t have double glazing, you’re two thousand years behind the times!

A modern version of a 2000-year-old technology

Although modern day double glazing was invented in the 1930s, it took a further 30 years before we started putting it into everyday homes. The 1960s saw double glazing become available to us in the UK and since then we’ve been making our homes warmer and warmer.

Although most homes these days have double glazing (some of us are on our third set!) there are still people out there with single pane glazing sitting in damp, rotten frames with mouldy condensation on the inner surface glass. It is astonishing just how much heat is lost through a single window pane. Energy efficiency aside, just think back and try to remember how uncomfortable a cold, damp house was.

As the Romans stomped their way through northern Europe they soon discovered that the sun-kissed lands of the Mediterranean were a luxury they had left far behind. We know how much the Romans loved their baths and even though they continued to build them here in the chilly, rainy UK they soon discovered they were struggling to heat them as effectively as they would in a warmer climate. They were already using window panes in their bathhouses (to let plenty of light in) but this proved to be a massive problem here in Britain. So they invented double glazing and immediately reduced their heating bills at the same time as making their bath houses more comfortable. After we kicked the Romans out, the technology was lost for nearly two thousand years.

Modern double glazing is far smarter than the Roman windows; you can see out of them for starters! Roman glass tended to make stuff look like you’d had ten pints. These days, thanks to the float glass manufacturing technique, windows are perfectly flat so you can see straight through them. Safestyle’s modern Pilkington energiKare™ Glass also reflects heat back into the house. And double glazing now contains a sandwich of Argon gas which slows heat loss compared with ordinary air.

Safestyle Eco Diamond windows are the absolute cutting edge of energy efficiency modern double glazing and the number one choice by our customers. We fitted over a million last year alone. Get a free quote here.

In Siberia it’s double glazing or death!

From energy efficiency to energy production

Brrrrrr and we think we’ve got it cold here in the UK. We all love a good moan about the weather here in blustery Blighty and that’s because it’s either too hot, too cold, or too wet, but rarely too dry – unless you live in Suffolk. Next time you wake up on a winter’s morning and, from your toasty centrally-heated bedroom, look out of your double glazed windows onto the frosty lawn below just spare a thought for the residents of Oymyakon in Siberia, officially the coldest inhabited place on the planet.

A frosty morning in the UK weighs in at a starting temperature of around 3°C with a ground temperature of zero or below. We wake up, puff out our cheeks and exclaim that it’s going to be a nippy one this morning. But the idea of stepping outside and dropping dead with the cold doesn’t really enter our minds. However, in Oymyakon, winter temperatures often dip as far below at -70°C which is cold enough to literally freeze your glasses to your face.

Understandably, your average Siberian is a big fan of double glazing and all its insulating benefits that allow them to open the curtains in the morning, check the state of the outside weather, stating, “yep it’s still chilly out” and then go back to bed with a cuppa until it’s time to get up.

What you may not know is that people in Oymayakon also have double glazing fitted in their cars, not as a luxury but because their lives depend on it. When the heater in the car is not enough, when a blanket over your knees won’t keep the chills at bay, double glazed cars are the answer.

Back here in the UK, whilst we understand that your life may not depend on it, your pocket certainly will – a well fitted set of modern Safestyle Eco Diamond windows will save you a significant amount of money on your heating bills.

Discover more about Pilkington’s smart energiKare™ glass Safestyle Eco Diamond windows and get a free quote while you’re at it… (not available yet in Siberia!).

Justin Bieber tests the strength of modern toughened glass

Love him or hate him, you certainly can’t deny that Justin Bieber is anything but enthusiastic. As he bounces from country to country, city to city and concert to concert his energy never seems to diminish. However, at a recent gig in Paris, he bounced just a little too hard, knocking himself out as he pranced into a huge glass wall.

Bieber fans worldwide can rest easy knowing that all he suffered was a mild concussion. Lucky for him he found himself part of modern pop culture, had he tried to head butt a glass wall back in the sixties he might have shattered it, adding cuts to his bruises.

Modern double glazing is designed to take the knocks, especially Safestyle’s French doors and patio doors which deliver unrivalled strength to not only keep out the elements but also heavy objects (like Justin Bieber’s head!).

Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard with all of our double glazing doors, including patio doors and French doors, so you have peace of mind and that’s why we’re called Safestyle… because you get safety and style all in one exceptional quality installation.

Visit Safestyle UK for more information and great offers on our Patio and French Doors.

Double Glazing for your clothes?

Double glazing window technology inspires the next generation of thermal outdoor clothing.

When it comes to warmer homes it’s the gas in the Safestyle glass that saves the cash.

We’ve had glass for a few thousand years now so it’s not surprising that we often take our double-glazing for granted. Sometimes though, you just have to step back in awe at the science that goes into creating modern, energy efficient windows. The crucial element that makes Safestyle double glazing work even better than others is the pocket of Argon gas that sits between the two panes of glass in a glazing unit.

Although it sounds like something you’d find on one of the moons of Jupiter, Argon is actually the third most common gas in our own atmosphere. It gets its name from the ancient Greek  word αργον meaning “lazy’ which strangely enough perfectly describes its benefits as a thermal insulator.

Argon is a safe inert gas and that means it doesn’t really react with other chemicals. It’s this inactivity that makes it the perfect gas filling for double glazing; reducing heat loss through the window means your home stays warmer longer.

Fleecy jackets Ar-Gone?

Up until now the only other type of double glazing you’d associate with the wet and windy outdoorsy community in the UK is the trusty old tartan thermos flask. That piping hot cup of tomato soup slurped into shivering lips at the top of any British mountain was made possible by the vacuum layer between two glass flasks.

You can imagine the stony silence at outdoor clothing specialist Klymit when some bright spark suggested that they make a double glazed jacket. But, in a strange way, they had a point. All they had to do was produce a jacket that contained air pockets in the lining… although in this case, no air; Argon, just like our Safestyle Eco Diamond Windows!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of ultra high tech thermal insulation both in the home and out with new Safestyle double glazed windows (available all year round) and the super space age, state of the art Klymit Ulaar outdoor wear jacket (available from late Autumn 2012).

Wet Britain gets hosepipe ban lifted?

The UK never seems to fail to underestimate the true extent of the British weather. Just a few weeks ago there was a rigid hosepipe ban in place for parts of the country as we suffered with droughts, and stark warnings were sent out that the ban would not be lifted for some time as we would need too much rain, much more than we could (hope to?) expect. But the British weather has prevailed, lashing the country with monsoon type weather this June.

Yes the last two weeks have been a very wet start to the summer, delivering flash floods in areas. Ironically there have been hosepipe bans in areas whilst locals are knee deep in water.

So what does the summer look like? Well, with any luck there will be a bit of sun heading our way, surely there can’t be any more rain to come.

We have always had a very varied climate in the UK, but it seems to be getting more and more unpredictable! Of course this could lead into the whole discussion of climate change and what we can do as individuals (as well as a nation) to combat any impact we are having. There are lots of thoughts and opinions on this topic.

So while there is always lots of debate around what can be done to future proof against climate change, one thing is for certain. We must look to use less and use more effectively. This means we must be much more efficient in how we use energy. If we can reign in our energy usage it means we can also reduce our carbon footprint too, reducing how much we contribute to the greenhouse emissions.

Your home is an excellent place to start by making sure you target unnecessary waste by investing in roof and wall insulation, and by replacing windows and doors with energy efficient double glazing.

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