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World Environment Day: greener homes = greener economy

Today is the 5th of June which is World Environment Day, and this year’s topic is particularly close to home for many. This year’s World Environment Day looks at Green Economy.

It is often tough times such as the ones the world are facing in light of the financial crisis that bring us back to core problems such as green issues. When times are good efforts are often concentrated on growth regardless of anything else. When that growth is no longer possible it is only natural to scale back and look at the wastefulness in processes, inefficiencies or sustainability. These are all key components to the Green Economy ethos, we must look to build an economy that is more sustainable and cut back our inefficiency and wastefulness. Of course the added benefit for the economy is these savings can be put back into the economy to stimulate the growth the world is striving towards.

This message rings very true for many of our customers at Safestyle. In times where home finances are being squeezed more than ever, our customers are looking to where savings can be pulled back. Rising energy prices of course is a big motivation for customers to look at their wasted energy and drives them towards improving their home energy efficiency. Here is where we point them to our Eco Diamond range windows: A-rated and certified Energy Saving Trust Recommended!

For every £3 spent on home energy £1 is lost through inefficient windows, so real savings can be made for homeowners by replacing their windows with energy efficient ones. Also because less energy is used to heat the home to the same temperature, this will reduce a home’s carbon footprint and will be helping the UK reach its carbon emission reduction targets in 2020.

So on this World Environment Day, look to make changes starting in the home by making sure your home is as green as possible.

For more information on energy efficient windows visit Safestyle Windows.

Our top Safestyle tips for saving energy and saving money

Safestyle's energy saving windowsWant to save your cash and shrink your carbon footprint? There are several ways to begin and here’s just a few tips from Safestyle to help you on your way:

  • Be smart with your energy usage – its been shown by the Energy Saving Trust that UK families are using over two billion pounds per year just on house lights. Safestyle recommends you make sure all your bulbs are energy saving and that appliances are switched off instead of being left on stand-by can save you a small but good amount over the year.
  • Get the best prices for your energy – have you compared suppliers to see if you could be saving by moving elsewhere? There are now several websites where you can compare and make a decision based on the results.
  • Check your electric meter regularly – keeping an eye on how much energy you are using and cutting back when necessary will help you reduce your bills in the long run. Also getting a precise reading means you may be charged less than with estimated readings.
  • Online billing and direct debits – another top Safestyle money saving tip is that many suppliers are now offering the paper-less alternative to printed and posted bills, which usually comes with a small but worthwhile discount. Check for this, you could be missing out on those small savings that will all add up in the long run.
  • Investment in energy saving home improvements – the initial outlay for home improvements in the short term will be worth it as they pay their dividends in the long-term. For example, investing in wall and loft insulation, an energy efficient boiler, and Safestyle energy saving double glazing can all be massively beneficial in cutting your bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Remember, there are lots of small, easy things you can start doing today, without much effort. See how you can make a difference today and ACT ON CO2 with Safestyle.

Green approach a hit with Safestyle customers

Energy saving and recycling with SafestyleSafestyle’s energy saving revolution is continuing to gather speed, with new developments and double glazing technologies designed to help customers save even more money through reducing their heating bills. At Safestyle we’ve been keen to point out the many benefits of energy efficiency and how a little bit of effort can go a long way.

With Safestyle’s collaboration with the ACT ON CO2 campaign, the Government’s energy saving initiative, we are putting the word out about the various different ways of saving energy, and many of which are in fact very simple and easy to do. Reducing our energy bills and our impact on the environment go hand in hand, not to mention the help to households in fuel poverty.

Our environmentally-friendly initiatives are even more far-reaching, with our Safestyle recycling campaign making a significant impact. Last year we recycled around 15,000 tonnes of general waste, which included 6,000 tonnes of glass, 1,200 tonnes of PVCu, 100 tonnes of metal and 50 tonnes of timber, and we are continuing to drive down waste in all parts of our business.

The energy efficiency message is getting across, and our customers are letting us know they are happy they’re cutting their energy bills by saving money through double glazing. At Safestyle we’re trying our utmost to continually develop and bring to the nation the very best in cutting edge yet affordable energy saving double glazing, to help everyone cut down their energy consumption and impact on the environment – and save us all lots of money while we’re at it!

Safestyle employment plans to boost local economy

Safestyle manufacturing to boost economySafestyle’s vast double glazing production facility, Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics, in Barnsley, is planning to move to a larger factory in the local area. Already one of the locality’s largest employers, we are looking to improve our manufacturing capability and further develop our energy saving double glazing technologies.

Currently our Safestyle manufacturing facility is located on a huge 18-acre site, but the plans are to sell and move our 600-strong manufacturing workforce to an even larger factory. With investments of over 8 Million pounds in total to date, Safestyle has continued to invest in state-of-the-art double glazing technologies, machinery and recycling.

Our Operations Director at Safestyle Manufacturing, Mark Scaife, said: “As a progressive, forward thinking company that is very aware of the current downturn, like any business it is imperative that we continue to invest both in our people and our local community.”

Part of that approach is in improvement of production standards, helping to make the nation’s favourite energy saving double glazing even more affordable. “To do this we need a larger production plant,” said Mark. “This will put our improved machinery and production standards to better use and boost our manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to expand our team and raise the skills base within the Barnsley community.”

Heat loss fear over fuel poverty

Safestyle acting on fuel poverty and CO2A vast number of households across the country are now in fuel poverty, mainly due to the rise in energy prices. As has been previously documented on the news, councils across the country are sending out heat seeker vans, taking thousands of pictures every day, showing houses leaking heat.

The public are beginning to realise just how much of an important issue this really is, and it’s the same message Safestyle have been saying all along. A typical household will waste hundreds of pounds every year on lost heat, mostly through the windows, and energy saving has become a crucial issue for the Government. Recycling is also rising high on the agenda.

The fact that at Safestyle we are also working with the Government’s ACT ON CO2 campaign shows our continued efforts to help the nation reduce those dreaded fuel bills. Our new energy saving Diamond Windows save 90% of the heat lost through windows (compared to a 50% saving using normal double glazing), and we are making them more affordable than ever.

There’s also some great energy saving tips on Safestyle’s ACT ON CO2 campaign page – some of them are very simple and easy to do – see what you can do to save energy today!

Safestyle to the rescue for charity success!

Safestyle helps Macmillian Cancer SupportSafestyle UK have stepped in to help out Coronation Street star Tom Hudson, sponsoring the Macmillan Cancer Support charity show following the pulling out of one of the sponsors due to the credit crunch.

While we normally focus on manufacturing and installing the nation’s leading brand of energy saving windows, at Safestyle we also like to show our support for good causes and make donations to charities, with Safestyle’s Window Man also placing himself “in the line of fire” for charity.

Our latest charitable contribution came about when Tom Hudson – better known as Paul Clayton, the wayward son of Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street – approached us to sponsor this year’s Macmillan Cancer Support show, For One Night Only, taking place at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax, on 28th March. Headlining the event are two of Safestyle’s best-known characters, Cannon and Ball, well known to TV viewers for memorable style and fantastic BOGOF offers.

Tom was overjoyed that Safestyle could help out, “I am so grateful to Safestyle for stepping in and filling the gap,” he said. “I was worried that I would have to use some of the money from ticket sales to pay the bills and so deprive Macmillan of much-needed cash.”

The 22-year-old will also be hosting the show and said, “Anyone can be affected by cancer. And because of the economic climate we’re putting a cap on ticket prices – £10 for adults, £9 concessions and £8 for children. Family tickets are also available.

“We are also attempting a Guinness World Record with the help of British yo-yo champion Luke Roberts, who will attempt to spin 10 yo-yos at one time – the current record is nine. With a superb supporting cast of singers, dancers, comedians, magicians and speciality acts, it’s a fantastic show.”

Safestyle’s Head of Operations, Dave Clarke, presented Tom with a cheque for £1,500 and said: “We were delighted to be able to help Tom and support what is a very worthwhile charity that helps so many people who have been unfortunately affected by this disease.”

Tickets are available from the Victoria Theatre box office, telephone: 01422 351158.

Safestyle ACT ON CO2 to save energy and save money

Safestyle working with ACT ON CO2 for energy savingSafestyle UK have launched a new campaign to help our nation save energy, working with government initiative ACT ON CO2. The collaboration sees the nation’s leading exponent of energy saving double glazing supporting the government campaign to take action on climate change.

ACT ON CO2 is a cross-government initiative which involves the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG, and the Department for Transport (DfT), working with businesses as well as individuals to help reduce CO2 emissions.

They have set up an ACT ON CO2 website which highlights the many ways that you, me and the entire nation can take action to reduce our energy usage and therefore reduce our impact on the environment.

Safestyle ACT ON CO2 to help you save energy and save moneyThere are many ways to save energy and save money, and we’ve put together some helpful tips to bring your bills down, check out our Safestyle ACT ON CO2 double glazing page.

Most are everyday things that we can all do with minimal effort, but they do make a difference in the long run.

Customers review Safestyle double glazing

Safestyle double glazing customer reviews onlineWith its ease of use and minimal effort required, the internet is fast becoming the first port of call when customers want to express their views on products and service. Companies like Amazon have long provided facilities for customers to do just that, with most of their products being rated and commented on.

Likewise, customers who have reviewed Safestyle windows and doors have long had similar opportunities to comment and rate our products and service. On the double glazing reviews website, many customers have been reviewing and rating Safestyle according to several criteria, including home visit, product value and quality, customer service and overall experience. Star ratings allow you to see exactly the level of satisfaction for each aspect.

The number of customers coming online to write reviews is increasing and we’ve seen a rise in the number of customer reviews as a result. Online customer comments on double glazing provide a valuable resource as more people use the internet to research product information, wanting to find out more to make informed decisions.

Double glazing reviews from Safestyle customers onlineEven a brief look at the latest double glazing reviews shows you that customers are constantly providing their feedback. For example, Mr Richardson provided a customer review from Runcorn, and said, “We’re already feeling the benefits of the new windows, and I’ve even turned the heating down, despite the snow.”

Another review came from Mr Lavaro in Cheshunt, who was so pleased with Safestyle’s workmanship and quality of the windows that he recommended Safestyle to his sister, who then had her windows replaced too. This is indicative of the whole trend that customers are interested and listen to other customers who recommend products and services.

One of the many additional benefits of the increase in online customer activity is that companies are providing more information on their websites, allowing customers to become informed more easily and providing the facility for free quotations. Many companies are also providing extensive Frequently Asked Questions sections to help answer customer queries.

The internet is making it easier for people not only to learn more, but to make contact more easily, and more quickly, than ever before.