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If you don’t have double glazing, you’re two thousand years behind the times!

A modern version of a 2000-year-old technology

Although modern day double glazing was invented in the 1930s, it took a further 30 years before we started putting it into everyday homes. The 1960s saw double glazing become available to us in the UK and since then we’ve been making our homes warmer and warmer.

Although most homes these days have double glazing (some of us are on our third set!) there are still people out there with single pane glazing sitting in damp, rotten frames with mouldy condensation on the inner surface glass. It is astonishing just how much heat is lost through a single window pane. Energy efficiency aside, just think back and try to remember how uncomfortable a cold, damp house was.

As the Romans stomped their way through northern Europe they soon discovered that the sun-kissed lands of the Mediterranean were a luxury they had left far behind. We know how much the Romans loved their baths and even though they continued to build them here in the chilly, rainy UK they soon discovered they were struggling to heat them as effectively as they would in a warmer climate. They were already using window panes in their bathhouses (to let plenty of light in) but this proved to be a massive problem here in Britain. So they invented double glazing and immediately reduced their heating bills at the same time as making their bath houses more comfortable. After we kicked the Romans out, the technology was lost for nearly two thousand years.

Modern double glazing is far smarter than the Roman windows; you can see out of them for starters! Roman glass tended to make stuff look like you’d had ten pints. These days, thanks to the float glass manufacturing technique, windows are perfectly flat so you can see straight through them. Safestyle’s modern Pilkington energiKare™ Glass also reflects heat back into the house. And double glazing now contains a sandwich of Argon gas which slows heat loss compared with ordinary air.

Safestyle Eco Diamond windows are the absolute cutting edge of energy efficiency modern double glazing and the number one choice by our customers. We fitted over a million last year alone. Get a free quote here.

In Siberia it’s double glazing or death!

From energy efficiency to energy production

Brrrrrr and we think we’ve got it cold here in the UK. We all love a good moan about the weather here in blustery Blighty and that’s because it’s either too hot, too cold, or too wet, but rarely too dry – unless you live in Suffolk. Next time you wake up on a winter’s morning and, from your toasty centrally-heated bedroom, look out of your double glazed windows onto the frosty lawn below just spare a thought for the residents of Oymyakon in Siberia, officially the coldest inhabited place on the planet.

A frosty morning in the UK weighs in at a starting temperature of around 3°C with a ground temperature of zero or below. We wake up, puff out our cheeks and exclaim that it’s going to be a nippy one this morning. But the idea of stepping outside and dropping dead with the cold doesn’t really enter our minds. However, in Oymyakon, winter temperatures often dip as far below at -70°C which is cold enough to literally freeze your glasses to your face.

Understandably, your average Siberian is a big fan of double glazing and all its insulating benefits that allow them to open the curtains in the morning, check the state of the outside weather, stating, “yep it’s still chilly out” and then go back to bed with a cuppa until it’s time to get up.

What you may not know is that people in Oymayakon also have double glazing fitted in their cars, not as a luxury but because their lives depend on it. When the heater in the car is not enough, when a blanket over your knees won’t keep the chills at bay, double glazed cars are the answer.

Back here in the UK, whilst we understand that your life may not depend on it, your pocket certainly will – a well fitted set of modern Safestyle Eco Diamond windows will save you a significant amount of money on your heating bills.

Discover more about Pilkington’s smart energiKare™ glass Safestyle Eco Diamond windows and get a free quote while you’re at it… (not available yet in Siberia!).

Justin Bieber tests the strength of modern toughened glass

Love him or hate him, you certainly can’t deny that Justin Bieber is anything but enthusiastic. As he bounces from country to country, city to city and concert to concert his energy never seems to diminish. However, at a recent gig in Paris, he bounced just a little too hard, knocking himself out as he pranced into a huge glass wall.

Bieber fans worldwide can rest easy knowing that all he suffered was a mild concussion. Lucky for him he found himself part of modern pop culture, had he tried to head butt a glass wall back in the sixties he might have shattered it, adding cuts to his bruises.

Modern double glazing is designed to take the knocks, especially Safestyle’s French doors and patio doors which deliver unrivalled strength to not only keep out the elements but also heavy objects (like Justin Bieber’s head!).

Toughened safety glass is supplied as standard with all of our double glazing doors, including patio doors and French doors, so you have peace of mind and that’s why we’re called Safestyle… because you get safety and style all in one exceptional quality installation.

Visit Safestyle UK for more information and great offers on our Patio and French Doors.

Double Glazing for your clothes?

Double glazing window technology inspires the next generation of thermal outdoor clothing.

When it comes to warmer homes it’s the gas in the Safestyle glass that saves the cash.

We’ve had glass for a few thousand years now so it’s not surprising that we often take our double-glazing for granted. Sometimes though, you just have to step back in awe at the science that goes into creating modern, energy efficient windows. The crucial element that makes Safestyle double glazing work even better than others is the pocket of Argon gas that sits between the two panes of glass in a glazing unit.

Although it sounds like something you’d find on one of the moons of Jupiter, Argon is actually the third most common gas in our own atmosphere. It gets its name from the ancient Greek  word αργον meaning “lazy’ which strangely enough perfectly describes its benefits as a thermal insulator.

Argon is a safe inert gas and that means it doesn’t really react with other chemicals. It’s this inactivity that makes it the perfect gas filling for double glazing; reducing heat loss through the window means your home stays warmer longer.

Fleecy jackets Ar-Gone?

Up until now the only other type of double glazing you’d associate with the wet and windy outdoorsy community in the UK is the trusty old tartan thermos flask. That piping hot cup of tomato soup slurped into shivering lips at the top of any British mountain was made possible by the vacuum layer between two glass flasks.

You can imagine the stony silence at outdoor clothing specialist Klymit when some bright spark suggested that they make a double glazed jacket. But, in a strange way, they had a point. All they had to do was produce a jacket that contained air pockets in the lining… although in this case, no air; Argon, just like our Safestyle Eco Diamond Windows!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of ultra high tech thermal insulation both in the home and out with new Safestyle double glazed windows (available all year round) and the super space age, state of the art Klymit Ulaar outdoor wear jacket (available from late Autumn 2012).

World Environment Day: greener homes = greener economy

Today is the 5th of June which is World Environment Day, and this year’s topic is particularly close to home for many. This year’s World Environment Day looks at Green Economy.

It is often tough times such as the ones the world are facing in light of the financial crisis that bring us back to core problems such as green issues. When times are good efforts are often concentrated on growth regardless of anything else. When that growth is no longer possible it is only natural to scale back and look at the wastefulness in processes, inefficiencies or sustainability. These are all key components to the Green Economy ethos, we must look to build an economy that is more sustainable and cut back our inefficiency and wastefulness. Of course the added benefit for the economy is these savings can be put back into the economy to stimulate the growth the world is striving towards.

This message rings very true for many of our customers at Safestyle. In times where home finances are being squeezed more than ever, our customers are looking to where savings can be pulled back. Rising energy prices of course is a big motivation for customers to look at their wasted energy and drives them towards improving their home energy efficiency. Here is where we point them to our Eco Diamond range windows: A-rated and certified Energy Saving Trust Recommended!

For every £3 spent on home energy £1 is lost through inefficient windows, so real savings can be made for homeowners by replacing their windows with energy efficient ones. Also because less energy is used to heat the home to the same temperature, this will reduce a home’s carbon footprint and will be helping the UK reach its carbon emission reduction targets in 2020.

So on this World Environment Day, look to make changes starting in the home by making sure your home is as green as possible.

For more information on energy efficient windows visit Safestyle Windows.

Secure your homes this summer

It’s been quite a week for the weather, hopefully a sign of an excellent summer to come.

With the heat this country has experienced last week and with hopefully a good summer ahead of us it is tempting to leave windows open at night or even for short periods of time while you’re away from home to get some cool air circulating. It doesn’t have to even be purposely done either; many of us at this time of year forget to close windows when we nip out to the shops for 5 minutes or even when we are in another part of the house or garden. But it could be a costly mistake as now is a prime time for burglars to target your homes.

The summer makes way for many opportunities for burglars to easily get into your home, looking out for left ajar doors, or left open windows. People are often also given a false sense of security that second floor windows are safe to be left open, especially at night but burglars will have no trouble getting in if it’s made easy for them. Burglars are quick and good at what they do. An open window makes for a quiet break-in and is all the invitation they need.

Here are some top Safestyle home security tips:

  • Always make sure windows and doors are securely locked when leaving your home for any amount of time.
  • Make sure when you leave a room in your home the windows and doors are closed.
  • Make sure no valuables are unnecessarily shown to the outside.
  • If you are to sleep with windows open at night, make sure they have limiters fitted so they can’t be fully opened and climbed through, or better still put the window in the night vent position so it allows air flow but is still securely locked.

As mentioned many burglaries especially this time of year are opportunists walking by, so make sure your property looks secure and is secure.

For more information on secure windows and doors, see the Safestyle UK website.

Summer time: the best time to get new windows?

It’s been quite a week for the weather, hopefully a sign of an excellent summer to come.

There are many reasons why customers buy safe style windows and doors when it’s wet, wild and freezing cold outside, the biggest of course is the money they could save by installing energy efficient replacement windows and doors. Some of these problems dissipate in signs of warmer weather. So, this type of weather isn’t typically a time when people are reminded of the energy efficiency properties of their windows, their energy prices may be pushed to the back of their minds whilst the heating is turned off. But there are many switched on customers who decide that now is actually the best time to get those double glazed windows installed, and here are just some of the reasons why!

The biggest reason we get an influx of customers with the warmer weather and signs of summer is that the dry warm weather is a better time than any for getting replacement windows. Now of course Safestyle UK is fully prepared for all types of weather, we’ve been fitting windows in the UK for the past 20 years regardless of Britain’s fine weather, but nothing is better than a warm dry day. So whilst winter is at its furthest away in time, it’s a good time to get our local fitters in to install your replacement windows and doors.

Another reason we hear a lot more from customers is that they want to enjoy the lovely weather inside and out. For this reason our stunning French and Patio doors are a popular request as they allow to bring the outside inside. A room can really be opened up with a new set of French or patio doors, allowing for much more light in the room and they can open up to let that soft summer breeze circulate through your home.

So why not get a FREE quote today and look at getting new windows and doors for your home to enjoy this summer, and importantly make sure you’re well prepared ahead of the autumn and winter to follow!

What’s the deal with the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is due to launch later this year, in October 2012, and for those of you who don’t know what the Green Deal is, here’s a brief overview:

The Green Deal is an initiative put forward by the government to assist businesses and home owners in upgrading their properties with Green technologies, with the intention of increasing their property’s energy efficiency. Importantly the scheme employs a method of alleviating the burden of upfront costs to the property owner by putting in place a loan that is paid back by ‘savings’ on energy bills. Furthermore this loan is attached to the property itself or the property’s energy meter, so it is always paid by the savings the energy efficient home provides and is not a loan that any individual is ‘stuck with’.

The Green Deal has been a topic of hot debate, with many delays and even some Senior Ministers pushing for the scrapping of the initiative altogether. Despite setbacks the Green Deal still looks set for October 2012 launch for domestic properties.

So what home improvements are included under the Green Deal?

There are lots of installation types covered including: energy efficient windows and doors, draught proofing, roof insulation, solar thermal. The full list is extensive and can be found here. One key principle of the Green Deal is however that the energy savings must outweigh the cost of the installation, so from home to home some options may be more viable than others.

The Green Deal as an idea is similar to ones that at Safestyle we pose to many of our customers. That energy is being wasted in their homes and correctly investing in measures such as energy efficient replacement windows can save them money on their energy bills. Longer term this can pay back the cost of installation. What the Green Deal does is look at this on a much grander scale, looking at potentially 14 million homes in the UK and concluding that on such a large scale increasing the energy efficiency of homes can lead to a much more efficient economy in terms of allowing for less wasted revenue which can be better invested back into the economy and stimulate growth. The financial viability of course enables a bigger picture point of view in safe guarding the environment from unnecessary energy wastage.

The benefits to the economy were summarised as much by comments made by former energy secretary Chris Huhne who in a recent article said the following:

“Energy-saving is the win-win: it has the potential for job creation (for example in household improvements) and it supports growth by cutting bills and boosting spendable income.”

Energy Saving Double Glazing

Let’s face it, we all want cheaper energy bills, but with the way things are going energy is only getting more expensive. Your first instinct would be to shop around and find the best savings on your bills, which is a great idea, you could save hundreds of pounds a year, but wouldn’t it be better to look at where all your energy is going too?

Think about this: If you had a small hole in your petrol tank of your car would you simply be prompted to look and find the cheapest fuel price?

No, of course you wouldn’t. The dangerous nature of driving with a leaking petrol tank aside, you would look for the leak, repair it and whilst you were at it, you would probably look at servicing your car so it was more fuel efficient. Money well spent!

Your home more than likely has a similar although less easy to spot energy loss problem. If it isn’t properly fitted with doubled glazed energy efficient windows it is losing energy and it is losing you money. The GGF reckon homes lose 25% of their energy through windows, and year on year that’s a lot of energy being wasted. So the best option is to stop that energy escaping!

Energy loss in your home is a trickier problem to detect as it can’t be seen with the naked eye and so it’s often overlooked. But it may be hitting you where it hurts, in your wallet. Our representatives out in the field now carry with them special tools to detect heat loss which are an important piece of equipment in determining where you homes energy efficiency could be improved. On detecting areas for improvement we’ll help you select one of Safestyle’s products that can best reduce your home’s heat loss.

So how are these new windows and doors going to save me money? Well, our windows and doors will certainly help make your home warmer and more energy efficient, our Safestyle reviews are testament to that, but while new energy efficient windows and doors may be one of the most effective ways of saving you money on your energy bills, every little helps. So turning down your thermostat, for example, is another way of using less energy throughout the home to reduce those dreaded bills.

Safestyle “A” Rated Energy Efficient Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Glass has been around in one form or another since about 3000BC, but it was much, much later on in the 1st century AD when it was first used as a window material. Before that date, windows were no more than holes in the wall, okay for letting some light in, and okay for allowing a limited view of the outside world, but not so okay on account of the fact that they let the elements in.

It wasn’t until the middle of the 17th century that glass windows along the lines of the windows that we know today first began to appear, and it wasn’t long after that that King William the third decided to introduce the window tax.

The early clear, or translucent styles of glass windows were actually blown, and they were the so called “bulls eye” window panes that are still evident (albeit in modern imitation form) in some Olde Worlde corner shops, and Georgian style properties today. It was the early 19th century when true plate glass first began to be made, and sash windows became all the rage, right through until the early part of the 20th century.

We’ve come a heck of long way since those early times, and as the largest manufacturer and stockist of UPVC windows and doors in the UK, Safestyle have advanced glass production out of all recognition to the glass of yesteryear.

Today’s glass is made to the highest standards that not only guarantee crystal clear quality, but guarantee safety and energy saving too, such as Safestyle Eco Diamond double glazed windows – which use Pilkington energiKare™  glass, incorporating K Glass™ (specially designed to prevent heat loss), and Pilkington Optiwhite™ glass, which has been specially designed for extra clarity, with a view to allowing more sunlight to pass through it.

Safestyle double glazing is one of the best products on the market today. It uses 2 panes of 4mm thick glass, Pilkington K Glass™ for the outer pane, and Pilkington Optiwhite™ for the inner, with a 16mm air gap in between. But the air gap isn’t just a void; Eco Diamond style double glazed windows actually have an Argon gas layer in between the panes which provides a much more effective insulation layer that acts to keep more heat in.

Safestyle windows represent a great investment to your home. Why not check out the Safestyle UK website for more information on our great “A” rated windows and energy efficient products? Safestyle can really help you to reduce your heating bills!