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Visualise your home with Safestyle doors

The new Safestyle Door VisualiserPushing the envelope of technology and innovation, today sees the launch of the brand new state of the art Door Visualiser, on the Safestyle website. This fantastic new application allows you to interactively fit any one of our Safestyle residential doors, or GuardDoor composite doors, to a photo of your own home (or to sample photos provided). The sophisticated movement, sizing and lighting tools allow you to get the perfect fit at any angle, size, and lighting conditions.

Visualise the perfect door for your homeNot only can you fit any standard residential or composite door from the Safestyle range, you can choose the colour and profile that best matches your home. If you’re not sure, you’re just a click away from changing to another colour in an instant without having to fit it again. You can try a front or back door in the traditional white profile or the realistic wood effects of oak or rosewood, or if you’d like to try composite door, choose red, green, blue, black, white, oak or rosewood.

If you’d like to keep a copy of the house with your brand new door design, you can print or save the image. Or if you find yourself torn between two or several different designs and would like an opinion from friends and family, this is a really handy feature to use.

While the Door Visualiser contains the huge range of Safestyle doors and composite doors, there are still so many design features that haven’t yet been incorporated into the Visualiser – such as lead designs, coloured glass, bevels, handles, knockers, etc – so you can expect plenty of future upgrades to enable you to see just how good your home would look with the perfect designs to suit you, right down to the finest detail.

Find the perfect door for your home today!

Safestyle new and improved composite door range

The Safestyle GuardDoor composite door rangeWe kicked off 2009 with the launch of the Safestyle GuardDoor, our new range of composite doors, and now as we go into the winter season we have new and improved designs and security features to upgrade the Safestyle composite door package. The original range was launched with quite an extensive gamut of lead designs, colours and glass types, but true to Safestyle nature we don’t stand still and have added some fantastic new designs, including bevels and thermally fused tiles not previously available in the range.

The newly improved composite door range from Safestyle

Security, as ever, is one of the most important requirements of any door, so the new Safestyle composite doors have further upgraded security features, including new “Secured by Design” rated handles to give the doors further robustness. If you remember, the Safestyle GuardDoor launched with the highest available British Standards for security and durability in domestic doors, the PAS 23 and PAS 24, and now with these latest new security upgrades, our composite doors are even more secure for our customers’ peace of mind.

Amongst the expanded glass design ranges are stunning new bevels and fusion tiles. These thermally fused tiles are small works of art in themselves, made from coloured glass pieces which are fused together under very high temperatures, giving a startling effect to the finished product, and with various colours available.

New arched head formation example glass designsVariety of colours is one of the most attractive aspects of the entire Safestyle composite door range, with all GuardDoors available in red, green, blue, black, white, and the realistic wood effects of Oak and Rosewood. The frets for glass designs can also come in the same colour as the door or white.

Finally, one of the most impressive new additions is the arched head formation, which allows you to create an array of designs around your door, including a sweeping arched glass design overhead and glass panels down the sides. This gives a stunning appearance to the entrance of the home, allowing your front door to give quite an impression!

Window Man at Safestyle Manufacturing

Safestyle's Window Man visits the factoryOur famously loud Safestyle Window Man recently stormed the factory for a surprise visit, much to the delight of our hard working manufacturing force and management. We expect they could hear him coming as Jeff “The Window Man” Brown went to meet and greet everyone in person over the course of the day. He saw firsthand the latest product developments and double glazing manufacturing machinery that Safestyle has invested in to upgrade and keep ahead with cutting edge glazing technology.

Safestyle’s Factory Operations Manager, Keith Jones, was delighted to welcome the Window Man. “I would like to thank Jeff Brown for taking the time out to come down to our Barnsley site,” said Keith, “It was an experience to say the least, he had everyone in hysterics.” It appears Jeff was a real hit, “By the end of his visit people were jumping off fork lift trucks to have their picture taken with the famous Window Man.”

Window Man meets his alter ego on a Safestyle lorryThe Window Man himself found the whole experience enlightening, seeing our Safestyle windows and doors being made right before his eyes. “We have very impressive facilities, and it makes you very, very proud, to see every worker so very focused,” said Jeff, “I think everyone who works at Safestyle should visit there!”

Jeff’s visit seems to have made a dramatic impact, both on him and the team at the factory. “The big thing for me was it makes you feel part of the team,” said Jeff, “When I left there that day, I felt such a great pride and responsibility in representing our people, to help keep their livelihoods secure, by letting everyone know on TV, and in my travels, about how great our energy saving glazing products really are!”

Jeff was impressed with his reception, “Thanks for the hospitality (the buffet and my egg butty was great), everyone was such a great laugh, they made me feel so welcome and it’s so heartening to know we have a huge team of tremendously nice, hard-working people, producing the very best double glazing windows and doors in the land!”

Safestyle replacement windows

Safestyle Windows for replacement double glazingAs replacement windows and doors from Safestyle UK come in various styles and designs, with a plethora of options, you can be sure to find the right double glazing choice for you. Whether your primary aims are for energy efficiency to reduce your bills, stylish designs for attractive looks, or the peace of mind that comes with high security features, at Safestyle we’ve got all your boxes ticked.

It goes without saying that, like any product you can buy, that all replacement windows are not the same. You can of course buy cheap products which are widely available, but with Safestyle you can still keep to your budget while still being confident you’re getting not only a top quality product but one that it comes with the backing of an award-winning national company local to you, with extensive product guarantees, as well as the technology and research development that we as a manufacturer invest in to bring you the latest cutting edge double glazing technology.

When you buy Safestyle replacement windows and doors, you are getting a product made from 100% new, virgin PVCu – an important distinction from many double glazing products on the market that are partly recycled to produce a cheaply-priced product and that, as a result, tend to warp and discolour after a few short years.

Recycling is still important to Safestyle though as we recycle all that is recyclable, including any waste at our factory and all the old windows and doors that we remove when we install brand new Safestyle replacement windows up and down the country.

In this economic climate the nation is still experiencing, our energy saving window range is proving very popular, and public focus will soon shift to getting ready for winter to keep the coming heating bills down.

Recycling and waste reduction at Safestyle

Improving production at Safestyle ManufacturingAt our factory, Safestyle Manufacturing, the double glazing production performance continues to go from strength to strength, with targets being exceeded week on week. Our Factory Operations Manager, Keith Jones, has been monitoring progress.

“What is more pleasing is that productivity is improving, without any reduction in quality,” says Keith, “Which goes to prove you can have the best of both worlds: excellent productivity and excellent quality. The continuous improvements which have been achieved are attributable to the whole team at the Barnsley site, our performance is a credit to everyone. They are a culmination of a number of small projects which have resulted in a massive leap forward in output, while reducing our costs.”

The buzz word undeniably is “waste reduction” and now with greater emphasis on improving performance whilst minimizing wastage all round, the efficiency of our window and door production lines has never been better. Coupled with a more efficient and widespread recycling policy where we are recycling everything that can be recycled, the overall benefit to the manufacturing operation is huge.

With new developments coming online all the time, Keith is one of the key members of our Safestyle Manufacturing team who will be ensuring that all projects get the attention required to deliver them successfully. “We have an abundance of new projects just waiting in the wings to replace the ones reaching completion,” he says, referring to the multitude of ongoing product developments in the pipeline. “The focus for the projects will be predominantly based around reducing waste, costs and improving products and quality, which is the life-blood of any business. We are definitely winning the war on waste.”

Safestyle manufacturing and technical innovations in double glazing

Safestyle double glazing technologyAt Safestyle UK, we won’t stand still, even while the nation’s in the grips of an economic crisis we’ve got our eye on the future and know we must invest and innovate to stay ahead. Whether it’s new and improved advertising media campaigns, sales and canvass techniques and training, surveying and installation processes and standards, every area is continually being reviewed, assessed, and revised with the aim of greater efficiency and constant improvement.

Product innovations and testing at our Safestyle manufacturing factory have continued relentlessly, with technical developments such as the Ultra Low PVC Threshold already in production and introduced seamlessly into the entire supply chain. This is the culmination of extensive testing and development to hone products to the highest standards, while still remaining affordable to our customers.

Our new “Evolution” rebate door hinge has undergone tests which included weather testing to British Standards PAS 23, then the doors were cycle-tested 50,000 times and then weather-tested again to ensure no deterioration in performance. The new Safestyle hinge performed exceptionally well and will be rolled out to benefit our product range and the entire business.

Safestyle French doors are also undergoing revisions with new single shoot-bolt strikers being introduced to all door sets, giving both improved security and flexibility with ease of set up for our installation teams.

Several other manufacturing projects are in development, as well as collaborations with our supply partners, to continue to bring only the very best innovations in energy saving double glazing to our valued customers – watch this space for more news from Safestyle Manufacturing!

Safestyle double glazing helping improve your security and safety

Security and safety review with Safestyle UKIf you’re concerned about you and your family’s security and safety then now’s a good time to have a review, and we’re not talking about learning karate! Today we’re looking at the various areas in your home which could be improved or upgraded, and how Safestyle can help.

With standard double glazed windows which are externally-beaded, burglars can remove the beading and sealed units to gain entry into your home. Safestyle Diamond Windows are internally beaded as standard to prevent this, as well as having the latest multi-point smooth-action security locking system for a much more robust defense against burglary. An important safety feature also available is the fire safety hinge, which allows a window to double as a fire escape exit.

The security level of doors is dependant on several factors, one of which is “key differs” – the number if different key shapes for your lock. Obviously the greater the number of different keys, the greater the security factor, as the less likely someone will have a key that will open your lock. Safestyle residential doors are fitted with 6-pin key locking cylinders for improved security and are of the highest grade achievable for durability, key-related security and maximum number of key differs. Safestyle doors are also fitted with security hinges which can not be removed, critical for the security of outward-opening doors in particular. For an interactive demonstration, see our Safestyle door viewer.

Composite doors
If you want an even greater security upgrade, as well as further improved durability, then the Safestyle composite door – the GuardDoor – is ideal for you, with its British Standards Kite Mark ratings BS PAS 23 and BS PAS 24 being the highest achievable for domestic door security and durability. What’s more, you can choose from a greater range of colours as well as the standard White and the realistic wood effects of Rosewood and Oak, you can choose to have your door in either Red, Blue, Green, or Black.

For the best security and safety improvements for your home, check out the Safestyle website now for the latest double glazing offers to help you save money!

Green approach a hit with Safestyle customers

Energy saving and recycling with SafestyleSafestyle’s energy saving revolution is continuing to gather speed, with new developments and double glazing technologies designed to help customers save even more money through reducing their heating bills. At Safestyle we’ve been keen to point out the many benefits of energy efficiency and how a little bit of effort can go a long way.

With Safestyle’s collaboration with the ACT ON CO2 campaign, the Government’s energy saving initiative, we are putting the word out about the various different ways of saving energy, and many of which are in fact very simple and easy to do. Reducing our energy bills and our impact on the environment go hand in hand, not to mention the help to households in fuel poverty.

Our environmentally-friendly initiatives are even more far-reaching, with our Safestyle recycling campaign making a significant impact. Last year we recycled around 15,000 tonnes of general waste, which included 6,000 tonnes of glass, 1,200 tonnes of PVCu, 100 tonnes of metal and 50 tonnes of timber, and we are continuing to drive down waste in all parts of our business.

The energy efficiency message is getting across, and our customers are letting us know they are happy they’re cutting their energy bills by saving money through double glazing. At Safestyle we’re trying our utmost to continually develop and bring to the nation the very best in cutting edge yet affordable energy saving double glazing, to help everyone cut down their energy consumption and impact on the environment – and save us all lots of money while we’re at it!

Safestyle employment plans to boost local economy

Safestyle manufacturing to boost economySafestyle’s vast double glazing production facility, Safestyle Manufacturing and Logistics, in Barnsley, is planning to move to a larger factory in the local area. Already one of the locality’s largest employers, we are looking to improve our manufacturing capability and further develop our energy saving double glazing technologies.

Currently our Safestyle manufacturing facility is located on a huge 18-acre site, but the plans are to sell and move our 600-strong manufacturing workforce to an even larger factory. With investments of over 8 Million pounds in total to date, Safestyle has continued to invest in state-of-the-art double glazing technologies, machinery and recycling.

Our Operations Director at Safestyle Manufacturing, Mark Scaife, said: “As a progressive, forward thinking company that is very aware of the current downturn, like any business it is imperative that we continue to invest both in our people and our local community.”

Part of that approach is in improvement of production standards, helping to make the nation’s favourite energy saving double glazing even more affordable. “To do this we need a larger production plant,” said Mark. “This will put our improved machinery and production standards to better use and boost our manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to expand our team and raise the skills base within the Barnsley community.”